Halfway through 

It’s been almost 6 months and I’m still going strong. The blog has been lagging a little due to time pressures but hopefully after this week I will have got rid of one of my big time commitments and get back to blogging more often with a proper round up of the last 6 months  … More Halfway through 

Woe is me

My Fitbit has died. I put it on to charge on Saturday and when I took it out of the charger the whole section that the charger plugs into came away I contacted Fitbit to see where I could get it repaired (note repaired not replaced!) and here was their response Thanks for reaching out … More Woe is me

Experiment Time!

Upfront, I am going to confess to having done very little housework in the last month so I’m only getting to these experiments now. As my back recovers I’m now slowly tackling the mountain of housework that had piled up. The ironing mountain was flattened last week but the laundry mountain will soon build it … More Experiment Time!

Some photos

I’ve written three quarters of my next post but it’s not quite reading properly so it’ll have to wait until I get it right. In the meantime, I promised some photos from Bin Inn where I picked up cereal, Porridge, Brown sugar (which is always sold in plastic bags here but white sugar cones in … More Some photos

A slow week

From headcolds to coughing so hard I sprained my back (not funny – I’m spending the weekend stuck in bed!) and losing the lid of my Keep Cup, this hasn’t been the best of weeks for me.  I didn’t feel up to braving the markets in the pouring rain last Sunday so I’ve accumulated quite … More A slow week