A Mixed Bag

I have solved my fruit labels problems. Though I had some success earlier in the year finding label free apples at the market, since May I haven’t been able to get these. Given the amount of apples I eat, these labels do add up. Commonsense Organics sell brown paper  bags of seasonal fruit ($3.99 each of or … More A Mixed Bag

Leading by example 

My Mother has been following my blog with interest and has reported back that it’s really increasing her awareness of plastic. After my last post, she sent me this picture to demonstrate that she’s been washing and reusing every plastic bag! I was really impressed.  The less said about the 17 plastic toothbrushes she discovered … More Leading by example 

Freezing Food

Today I was asked what I’d recommend for freezing food, in particular meat and vegetables rather than using cling film (aka glad wrap) or freezer bags. The simplest response would be that I’d recommend using glass, but when is it ever that simple? So here’s some thoughts and comparisons and I hope it’s helpful. Before … More Freezing Food

Halfway through 

It’s been almost 6 months and I’m still going strong. The blog has been lagging a little due to time pressures but hopefully after this week I will have got rid of one of my big time commitments and get back to blogging more often with a proper round up of the last 6 months  … More Halfway through 

Woe is me

My Fitbit has died. I put it on to charge on Saturday and when I took it out of the charger the whole section that the charger plugs into came away I contacted Fitbit to see where I could get it repaired (note repaired not replaced!) and here was their response Thanks for reaching out … More Woe is me