One Step Further

Despite my last post getting back to being plastic free has been quite refreshingly easy. In reality a lot of the habits I’d made in 2017 stuck with me so I don’t really need to think too much about them and some other things have become so much easier to do/source. (I must do an … More One Step Further

That’s Christmas over for Another Year…or is it?

The 6th of January, the Feast of the Epiphany is, in Ireland at least, the traditional day to take down your Christmas Tree and Decorations. While tidying these away I reflected on ‘Greener Christmas’ posts and newspaper articles I read in December. What got me was that they were nearly all published too late to … More That’s Christmas over for Another Year…or is it?

Another Year Starts

It’s now 2 years since I embarked on my plastic free year. 2018 was a reduced plastic year but certainly not plastic free. The lure of convenience food and new clothes were too much to resist entirely. But as I emptied my recycling bin for the third time over the last few weeks, my heart … More Another Year Starts

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a good one! Here’s some things that brought Christmas cheer to me at the markets on Sunday Bring your own bottle and they will fill it up with fresh pasteurised milk. And while they have to add a label, it’s cardboard AND I can reuse it next time I buy my … More Merry Christmas!

Seasonal shifts

Oops! 2 months since my last update. It’s always a sign that life is pretty busy with me when I don’t update the blog. I am behind on a lot of things at the moment; so much so that I’ve had to dig out my bullet journal to have any hope of getting through my … More Seasonal shifts


Sunday was another glorious Summer Day in Wellington. Even when I went out to the market at 10.30am, it was already hot. To my delight, new season apples were being sold. Yum yum yum! And cherries are still on sale. As I filled my little produce bag, someone came up to me and asked where I’d … More Experiments!

The year is up!

Happy New Year everyone. It’s 2018 and my One Year Zero Plastic challenge is up. It’s been an interesting one and, though not completely zero plastic, it’s been 99% plastic free. This is most of my 2017 accumulated plastic*, which, I have to admit, I will be very glad to put in the recycling bin … More The year is up!