It’s no use Crying over powdered milk

As mentioned in my last post, my biggest worry at the moment is not having fresh milk. Sometimes I find the only way to tackle things I’m afraid of is to jump right in so on Saturday I headed off to Bulk Inn in search of package free milk powder. I have to admit I was a bit dismayed when I found some as part of me was hoping I could write this one off as not feasible.

I followed Anchor Milk’s instructions on making up the milk

img_4573   img_4578

One part powder to 4 parts cold water.Then add slowly while whisking.

After a night refrigerating, I used the ‘milk’ to make pancakes and in my coffee. the Pancakes turned out no worse than normal – (Not my forte) – but the milk was a bit weak for my coffee.


Today I tried just adding powder to coffee. Umm, not so good… It didn’t dissolve well and left a gritty texture to the coffee. I think I’ll go back to the ‘bottle’ method but try a 1:3 ratio rather than a 1:4.


While writing this I remembered that I have come across powdered milk before. In 2005 I spent 3 and a half months travelling in South America and with the exception of Rio de Janeiro, coffee was generally a sachet of Nescafe and some powdered milk. When you’ve no other choice it becomes pretty easy to accept. Failing that, I suppose I’d better get used to black coffee or convert to herbal tea.

south-america                                        My tour mates warming up with hot drinks (with powdered milk) on a freezing cold night on the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia – October 2005

In conclusion I was right to be worried and I have to admit not having fresh milk really is a sacrifice.

Let’s hope the email  yesterday from the fresh food manager at  Moore Wilsons . bodes well for a plastic free fresh milk supply sooner rather than later.

“I have today emailed Aunt Jeans to enquire about stocking their milk; I will let you know how it progresses.” 



5 thoughts on “It’s no use Crying over powdered milk

  1. Jumping straight in seems like a great attitude but I hope there is a glass-bottled safety net to solve the milk problem.

    I imagine that a lot of people will be keen to have glass-bottled milk, as plastic packaging changes the taste of fresh milk. – just like hot milk changes the taste. When I was a child our milk arrived in the house straight from the cow, hot and un-pasteurised, and I couldn’t drink it until it was cold, so no cereal breakfast for me! Obviously this was in God’s old time when there we hadn’t heard of homogenised, lactose- free, skimmed, semi-skimmed ,super and soya milk etc. And plastic was unheard of for packaging.

    If the bottled milk doesn’t work, you might have to start up a campaign for a rent-a-cow scheme and go milk your own!

    I am looking forward to reading about the changes and challenges that zero plastic throws up in your daily life and how you get round them. Here in Ireland it is almost impossible to get anything that isn’t smothered by plastic, from fruit to meat and milk of course.

    Powdered milk seems a whole lot of work. Roll on the bottles, or the cow.

    How about coconut milk!?


    1. I don’t think I could manage warm unpasturised milk either. People swear by it but I don’t think it’s my thing.

      Coconut milk – I might try. I’ve had chocolate coconut ice cream before – very sweet and I could only taste the coconut.


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