Two Month Overview

Two months in already. Tomorrow is officially the first day of Autumn, even if it does feel like Summer has just arrived. It’s also, somewhat weirdly, the start of Lent.   Because Easter is so symbolic of Spring, it feels odd celebrating it as the days get shorter.

Back to February

Total plastic:

Labels from 2 milk bottles and 1 tag from my replacement flip flops. Notice there are no apple labels this month. I’ve been good and managed to get to the market every week.

Not bad, but then I remembered my hayfever treatments without which I get plagued with sinus infections so they aren’t negotiable.

And then I bought these and they came in a plastic bag. I thought I’d checked that the packaging was plastic free but maybe thought I just meant the soap nuts themselves. I’ll check more carefully if I order anything else online.

I haven’t used these yet. Next month!

Money spent – well the supermarket spend for the while month was about 24%  of this time last year and excluding the fruit and veg market my grocery spend was down to about 70% of last February. I’ve always been reasonably good at bringing my lunch to work but even so, my lunch spend has been cut to about 1/2.

My pantry cupboard continues to empty out but I don’t really have less food- just less junk and less packaging.

Tins have been replaced with fresh or dried food and empty bottles recycled or reused.

The amount of recycling is well down but still more than I’d like. This is mostly as things bought pre January 1st get thrown out.

One thing I have noticed is that I have so much more washing up! Reusing containers means washing. Food storage means containers with lids which means more washing. Soaking beans and cooking then rather than opening a tin means more washing. Chopping, blending or cooking tomatoes instead of opening a tin means more washing. Even slicing your own bread instead of using sliced bread means more washing up! I do have a dishwasher so it’s not a big deal but I am starting to realise why convenience foods were greeting with such delight when they came on the market.

The additional washing up does reflect the fact that I have been better at pre making meals.  I stumbled across a reference to MealPrepSunday one day. It’s a bit scary but it made me think that I could freeze some fresh veg as use it as I need rather than throwing some out.  Then last week someone introduced me to Salad in a Jar last week so the pre chopped veggies really come into their own and it’s a really easy lunch – I can put the veg in straight from the freezer (except lettuce) the night before and it’s all defrosted for lunch the next day.

A few other things merit posts of their own. Fingers crossed the headaches will ease up as we move out of peak Summer and I’ll catch up.



2 thoughts on “Two Month Overview

  1. I used to roast a load of vegetables in one and then freeze them – was great for lunches and adding to dinners. (I didn’t freeze kale chips, I think defrosted kale chips would have been unpleasant!)


    1. That’s a good idea idea. I never really thought of doing that. I did freeze the last lot of kale I bought but I hadn’t made chips first. In fact, kale chips is something else I need to try and they’re sugar free. Bonus!


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