Digging in the dirt

On Wednesday night I got to drive a digger. Actually I got to drive two diggers, play with power tool and drive an elevated platform lift thanks to Hirepool and NAWIC. It was lots of fun.

(Not me in pic as I was taking the photo)

While this doesn’t seem to have much to do with avoiding any plastic, it does. When I arrived I was handed disposable ear plugs and safety googles in plastic wrapping. One benefit of wearing glasses was that I didn’t need the safety goggles, but I was thrown by the ear plugs. I really really wanted to have a go driving a digger but I couldn’t take the plastic. When I explained my dilema, the team at Hirepool were so helpful and they lent me some ear muffs instead. 

They also put On a BBQ for us. I hadn’t expected that and hadn’t come prepared but with some quick thinking I eschewed the plastic plate and cutlery by putting my sausages directly into the bread roll.   I didn’t really want to be a pain and ask for a glass instead of a plastic cup so I could have a drink (of water – alcohol and equipment don’t mix!) when I realised my keepcup was in my bag. Problem easily solved. 

The evening finished with a lovely rainbow though I only caught half of it in this photo 

My washing up liquid ran out tonight so tomorrow I start my experiments.  The other thing cooking in my ‘science lab’ is some apple cider vinegar.  After 2 days it’s starting to turn a nice colour but it’ll be a few weeks before I know how well it works. The apples were cores that would otherwise have been thrown out so other than the sugar, it hasn’t cost me at all and seems very easy to make. 

3 thoughts on “Digging in the dirt

  1. Interesting day you had.

    Vinegar always puzzles me – it’s a brewed product so isn’t it sticky when used as a cleaning product? I mean, ginger beer is brewed and it’s not exactly the sort of thing I’d be splashing around on surfaces to clean them.


  2. […] Another way of using peels came to mind recently. I made soup last week and only realised I had 1/2 a stock cube left.  I was scratching my head for a while until I remembered I’d saved the juice from the tomatoes I roasted months ago just for this pupose. Whew. I chucked all the peels from the veg soup into the freezer and will have a go at making my own stock soon.  I also make citrus vinegar for cleaning and apple cider vinegar.  […]


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