Some photos

I’ve written three quarters of my next post but it’s not quite reading properly so it’ll have to wait until I get it right.

In the meantime, I promised some photos from Bin Inn where I picked up cereal, Porridge, Brown sugar (which is always sold in plastic bags here but white sugar cones in paper bags) and laundry soap. Hopefully the resolution is reasonable brought that you can zoom I am see the kind of thing available.

And I found they sell honey from a large dispenser which solves another problem for me.  All honey I can find here other than very expensive artisanal stuff comes in a plastic tub. Mind you I only use honey in honey lemon and ginger drinks in Winter. 

I also had a good chat with the man who runs the store. A new shop, Good for has opened in Auckland and only sells without packaging. It is getting quite a lot of media coverage so thats prompted Bin Inn to look at their strategy. They are currently considering offering discounts to people who bring their own containers.  I would love to see their plastic bags disappear but at least examine the issue is a start.

Have a look at Bin Inns website for some good household cleaning recipes too. 

One last photo – from a different source. Something else I’m trying to be more conscious of this year. 


3 thoughts on “Some photos

  1. That is just so amazing – I can remember bulk buy stores here in the UK but they only lasted until the early 90s and were for the basic things like flour and sugar, not interesting things. If I go into Leeds to the wholefood shop there they will refill my containers with things like Ecover washing liquid – but that relies on me a) going into Leeds, b) being able to park right outside and c) having empty containers with me.


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