Halfway through 

It’s been almost 6 months and I’m still going strong. The blog has been lagging a little due to time pressures but hopefully after this week I will have got rid of one of my big time commitments and get back to blogging more often with a proper round up of the last 6 months 

At the start of June I took a break and headed off to the Gold Coast for a week in search of much-needed sun. My produce bags and keep cup came with me and kept me for the most part (milk and cheese excepting) plastic free on holidays. I even used the keep cup for coffee on the plane.  I got a few comments on the produce bags in bakeries and fruit shops but no one refused to let me use them and Woolworths had paper rather than plastic to wrap meat in. That made my day.

Now a little reminder that Saturday marks the start of Plastic Free July. Its a great chance to dip your toe into the challenge. Even if full on plastic free living is a bit extreme for you, picking one little thing and doing that for a month is still making s difference. Suggestions

  • Say no to straws for a month. It takes a bit of memory to ask for no straws but it gets easier to remember the more often you do it. 
  • Swap all plastic shopping bags for a tote/cloth bags. Get a lightweight one for your handbag and make sure there’s always one or two in the car. Check your bag in the morning before leaving to make sure you have one with you
  • Invest in a reuseable water bottle (make sure it’s light enough and compact enough to carry around – my lovely glass one never came with me and I ended up buying a lightweight 600ml metal one)
  • Get a travel mug or reuseable cup if you buy takeaways on a regular basis. Some cafes even give a discount if you bring your own cup.  Every so often someone will refuse to let you use it. It’s not worth arguing- just take your business elsewhere. 
  • Try bringing your own container for takeaways – sushi in particular is easy to put in your own lunchbox
  • Get bamboo toothbrushes next time yours need replaced. 
  • Buy cotton dish clothes instead of sponges or jay cloths or microfibre next time. Or knit your own!
  • Put aside any cleansers and/or cosmetics containing microbeads
  • Give shampoo and conditioner bars a go 
  • Try swapping shower gel/liquid soap etch for a good old fashioned bar of soap. 

I’d love to hear from you if you give it a go. Even just a little bit. 


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