Of books, bags, baking and burger kings 

Saturday was a glorious clear, calm and sunny Winter’s Day and I was out on the road realising what a beautiful country New Zealand is. Such wonderful landscapes especially coming home as the sun was setting on the Kapiti Coast. 

I drove up to Fielding where a friend was gearing up to open a very environmentally friendly shop. It is, of course,  a second hand bookshop. Beth’s Books of Fielding opened its doors to the public on 1st August and I wish Beth all the very best. Beth is a very useful (albeit dangerous) person to know if you’re looking for a particular book as she takes Wants Lists and will keep an eye out for that elusive book you’ve been hunting for. 

And a very honourable mention must go to Jane. Scroll down to the 9 days to go post on the link above and you’ll see the stacks of extremely neatly folded reused plastic bags prepared for Beth to reuse. Yes, it’s plastic but it’s the 2nd item of the Rs pyramid so is really good – much better than just recycling them. 

While up at Beth’s the topic of Mars bar krispies came up. This treat is rather loved by all the book collectors but I mars bars are off the menu this year. Up until a few weeks ago I thought chocolate wasn’t an issue as Wittakers Chocolate had assured me (in writing) that there was no plastic in the packaging if their 250g bars. Sadly, they have now taken it back and advised:

Apologies for any confusion, the outer wrapper is paper and the foil is a metalized plastic which maintains freshness and food safety.

Unfortunately, this foil is not currently able to be recycled in NZ. We’re currently in discussions with an alternative recycling company.

This was a big disappointment for me, as Caburys are clearly wrapping in plastic ( coincidently Cadburys were in Fileding yesterday giving away chocolate) and while Lindt has foil and cardboard packaging it would be a very expensive way to bake. 


I also had to slap myself on the wrist on Saturday. I went out for dinner and ordered a pineapple juice but never thought to ask for no straw. Even before I started this zero plastic year, I never understood why they serve straws in drinks to adults, so I’ve been caught out a few times this year. Nearly all ‘ways to reduce plastic’ lists have ditching straws as one of the top three items and it seems such a simple thing that no one would miss them. One cafe – Olafs in Mt Eden, Auckland have done just that. Since 28th of April 2017, they have been plastic bag and straw free. Can you image how much plastic waste would be reduced if MacDonalds, Burger King and Starbucks did this? The mind boggles 


One thought on “Of books, bags, baking and burger kings 

  1. At least Wittakers came back to you – they must have looked into it (belatedly though). Perhaps it has them thinking about changes?


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