Seasonal shifts

Oops! 2 months since my last update. It’s always a sign that life is pretty busy with me when I don’t update the blog. I am behind on a lot of things at the moment; so much so that I’ve had to dig out my bullet journal to have any hope of getting through my backlog this weekend. I was introduced to bullet journals a few years ago and I find it a really effective way to get on top of unwieldy to do lists.

At the end of February/start of March, I had the privilege of exhibiting my photographs in a week long exhibition with five other photographers. It was a wonderful experience but it consumed most of my free time since Christmas. It wasn’t a plastic free event but we tried; doing simple things like hiring glasses for the opening night rather than supplying plastic ones and choosing soft drinks in glass bottles. We also carefully kept all our packaging so we could wrap up our photos at the end too.

Knowing we were manning the exhibition each day, I decided some biscuits would be nice to have on hand to avoid nipping out for packaged snacks. They went down so well I had to make a second batch.

My mother sent me the recipe and it’s so simple I wasn’t expecting much but they are quite moreish. While it calls for Flahavan’s porridge oats funnily enough it worked perfectly well with the ones from Bin Inn. I definitely recommend giving them a go. Lovely with a cup of coffee (or tea). Edited to add. ‘I think the original recipe is far too sweet and have reduced the castor sugar to 100g and think next time I’ll drop it to 75g’

I’ve also been doing a little bit of travelling for work and bringing a packed lunch isn’t always practical so I decided to make myself a cutlery roll to avoid disposable cutlery. There are loads of tutorials online but essentially it’s two pieces of fabric sewn together, folded up to form a pocket and then just sewing some dividing lines to form holders for cutlery and a napkin.

I’ve seen them with room for chopsticks and/or stainless steel straws but I don’t tend to use either of these so didn’t bother. You could use bamboo or ordinary stainless Steel cutlery. I was afraid they’d take that off me on the plane, so I got this alloy set from a camping shop. I’m also using some handkerchiefs as napkins because they are much lighter than proper cloth napkins.

The cutlery roll also came in useful at the Wairarapa Harvest Festival. Even after 12 years in New Zealand I’m constantly amazed that I live just over an hour drive from a wine region and events like this. Lots of yummy local food and wine.

Sadly this year the glasses were plastic, but with the changes in Health & safety laws, eliminating the risk of broken glass makes sense. They felt like glass so I think I’ll hold onto it for use at other outdoor events.

In the last week, the temperature has started to drop and Autumn has really arrived. Definitely time to swap the summer dresses for warmer attire.

It may look like a jumble but it took less than an hour to sort out and I now have a ‘new’ selection of clothes for the next few months. I have to say the capsule wardrobe has been really liberating. It’s made choosing what to wear much simpler but it’s also convinced me that I have enough clothes and can bin some that are well past their best.

Amongst tomorrow’s ‘chores’ is a trip to Cuba Dupa. I spotted La Petition Chocolat is selling her plastic free Easter Eggs there. Hopefully they aren’t sold out by the time I get there. That will be a very satisfactory thing to tick off on my bullet list.


3 thoughts on “Seasonal shifts

  1. Great interesting read Catherine I especially like the cutlery roll. I’m going to show to Alice it would be handy to take Isla’s cutlery if they are going out somewhere!


  2. Pretty fabric for the cutlery holder! I bought myself a chalk board for notes and reminders – not a bullet system but it’s a great way to organise what needs to be done and plastic free!


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