Some photos

I’ve written three quarters of my next post but it’s not quite reading properly so it’ll have to wait until I get it right. In the meantime, I promised some photos from Bin Inn where I picked up cereal, Porridge, Brown sugar (which is always sold in plastic bags here but white sugar cones in … More Some photos

A slow week

From headcolds to coughing so hard I sprained my back (not funny – I’m spending the weekend stuck in bed!) and losing the lid of my Keep Cup, this hasn’t been the best of weeks for me.  I didn’t feel up to braving the markets in the pouring rain last Sunday so I’ve accumulated quite … More A slow week

Bits and Pieces 

I’m getting to the end of my dishwashing liquid, washing powder and  conditioner but they’re not done yet so no updates there. In the meantime here are some other things that I’m using/doing  to avoid plastic 1 Beeswax wraps These are a great substitute for cling film (glad wrap). They are basically thin cotton coated … More Bits and Pieces 

Two Month Overview

Two months in already. Tomorrow is officially the first day of Autumn, even if it does feel like Summer has just arrived. It’s also, somewhat weirdly, the start of Lent.   Because Easter is so symbolic of Spring, it feels odd celebrating it as the days get shorter. Back to February Total plastic: Labels from … More Two Month Overview

Still here

In case anyone is worried, I’m still here and still plastic free! The sunshine is playing havoc with my eyes at the moment so I’m avoiding the computer screen. Update shall follow in a few days hopefully when I get used to it being Summer. 

News news news!

Back to milk again – fresh off the presses from Moore Wilsons:  Hello Catherine Heard back from Julian (supplier of Aunt Jean’s milk) today – assuming no freight issues, we will have milk in store Thursday next week (leaving the South Island Wednesday 15th). What fantastic news on a wet cold evening! 

Refusing to Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Most of us know that slogan but if I was any indication, it’s  a case of RECYCLE, Reuse, reduce rather than REDUCE, Reuse, Recycle, mainly because it’s easier and doesn’t take any real effort. The zero waste talk I went to last July talked about Bea Johnson’s 5Rs which expands on the reduce … More Refusing to Recycle