Plastic Free July

Three years ago this month I attend a talk by The Rubbish Trip on zero waste, which gave me the practical insight to be able to start my Zero plastic year a few months later. The talk was organised as a Plastic Free July event.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that encourages people to forego single use plastic for one month. It focuses attention on the amount of throwaway plastic that we all generate. If a month sounds too hard, maybe commit to a week or one day a week? Or something as simple as only using reusable cups for takeaway drinks. There’s no real rules.

My work is attempting the challenge and I’m giving a talk on Wednesday about my zero plastic year, so I’ve been reading back on what challenges I met back in 2017. Interesting to note that there is so many more plastic free options available now. And as of today, single use plastic bags with handles have been banned in NZ, including biodegradable ones.

For this month I’ll try to post something on Instagram everyday relating to plastic free.

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